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My Mach 1

Welcome to My Mustang Web Site

This Web site features my own cars and general information on the progress of the resoration of my 1969 Mustang Mach 1

My Mach 1

I recently purchased this Mach 1 from a young man in NJ. I knew right away the car was going to need work but it was in good shape. It has been garaged kept, but due to an older restoration some years ago she will need to be redone. I chose this car because of its unique color. This particular color is called Aztec Aqua and is rarely seen. According to Martin Auto works there are only 597 produced with this color and trim codes and only 797 Mach 1's with this color. Only 64 came with AC. We also discovered my car is a twin there was only one other made just like this one. I since sold the stang and now own a Contemporary Cobra 427S/C replicar. 

pics on photo page..stats soon to come.

1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1
63C E5 3A 24C 17 6 X
351 4V (orig 2V)
FMX Auto Trans
9 inch rear 3.25 track lock orig 3.00
Options are A/T, A/C,P/S,Delux rim blow steering wheel, fold down rear seat, tinted glass, 3A black interior mach1 sports decor, front spoiler.

Driving a classic Mustang Mach 1 is probably one of the greatest ways to relieve stress, Just start her up and go for a drive!

The next step.

Only slight modifications will be done to this car. Some performance stuff for the winter of 03. but basicaly stock.

July 03

Has been a long journey, but went to my first mustang nationals. Took first place in daily drivers class.

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Mustang nationals Sturbridge Mass

Here is a few more pics of my Mach more will soon be available